Lamacart Services

The services we offer to our Customers

LAMACART is able to guarantee comprehensive assistance to both public and private sector Customers in the recycling industry.
It supplies systems and equipment for collection of materials:

  • • Metal baskets
  • • Containers
  • • Waste compactors
  • • Semi-trailers
  • • Stationary presses
  • • Packaging machinery
  • • Conveyor belts
  • • Extraction systems
  • • Design and integrated solutions ad hoc

• Network of platforms, both company-owned and under lease, for the disposal of material on a national scale
• Materials start-up for recovery and waste disposal
• Certified destruction of materials by shredding (newspapers and periodicals, books, reserved archives, accounting documents and/or containing sensitive information, gadgets, obsolete goods, etc.)
• More than 50 company-owned vehicles authorised to transport special non-hazardous waste, regularly enrolled in the Register of Environmental Managers, including for third parties, for all types of materials

The Company provides services to users in all sectors, with particular reference to:

  • • Separate waste collection
  • • Municipalities
  • • Supermarket chains
  • • Commerce
  • • Industry
  • • Cardboard and boxing industry
  • • Graphics, editorial, book-binding sector
  • • Credit and insurance institutions
  • • Public bodies