LAMACART was created to answer the real needs of customers and suppliers fully implementing the Group’s philosophy of providing professional advice and commitment to guarantee reliable products and services it, whilst keeping our focus firmly set on the future.

From our increasingly avant-garde services, to the integrated management of both recyclable and non-recyclable waste, and thanks to our own network, which guarantees maximum efficiency in full compliance with environmental legislation.


We have also developed a solid partnership with final recovery facilities, national and international paper mills, as well as Bodies and public and private institutions in Italy, acting as a strategic partner for the collection and recovery throughout the entire country, which includes pioneering projects linked to the circular economy and local recycling.
As a leading Italian company, we are a major reference point for the Paper-making Industry as a qualified supplier capable of guaranteeing regular deliveries of large volumes of specially chosen quality raw materials, and related services.
From our headquarters in Villafranca di Verona, we continue to coordinate our activities and plan our development strategies.


We are the group company that coordinates and manages activities of the four major authorised facilities we own, with a treatment capacity for special non-hazardous waste of over 200,000 tonnes per year of recyclable and raw materials for the paper-making industry, as well as a capacity of over 500,000 tonnes per year for recyclable and raw materials.

Thanks to a network of platforms, which are both owned and under contract, the delivery of material is guaranteed nationally.

Our fleet comprises more than 50 vehicles that are authorised to transport waste on our own account and for third parties, which, together with a consolidated partnership with licensed air carriers, allows us to guarantee and extend our services to all types of materials, including on behalf of third parties.